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precote 05


precote 05 is a nonreactive, film-forming dispersion with mineral solids for coating threaded parts. It is a physiologically harmless precoating for immediate sealing of cylindrical and conical threads. The dried film is tack-free.


On threaded parts (cylindrical/cylindrical and cylindrical/conical combinations) like screws, studs, plugs and pipe threads for sealing against gases and liquids. A special inhibitor avoids corrosion also on brass fittings.

Forms a dry and tack-free film. Seals immediately after assembly. Is physiologically harmless in liquid and coated condition. Threaded parts can be preapplied long time before assembly(oT coating machine) Thread friction values are not altered. Avoids corrosion in the threaded connection. Can be applied on all threaded materials - also on plastics. Good chemical resistance.


Thread friction value μthread
0.10 – 0,15
Initial installation torque M10 x 1.5
2 – 3,5 Nm
Sealing effect straight/straight
straight/straight < 15 bar (216 psi)
taper/straight > 50 bar (720 psi)
-50°C to +180°C
motor oil +150°C
gear oil +150°C
glycol/water 50/50 +120°C
tape water +100°C
brake fluid +150°C
fuel room temperature
room temperature
Shelf Life:
4 years at room-temperature

All values apply to screws M10 ISO 4017-8.8 plain finish  And nuts M10 ISO 4032-10 plain finish.

27/65 DIN 50014