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precote 85

High Strength Thread Precoating with Controlled Torque/Tension


precote 85 is a varnish-like precoating system on base of micro encapsulated epoxy-acrylate for sealing and locking of threaded parts. The dried film is tack-free, solvent free and physiologically harmless. Its characteristics as a locking and sealing element become effective only when the capsules are ruptured by shear and/or pressure stress and the adhesive is allowed to cure.

On high-stressed threaded combinations with controlled friction which require a high locking effect. The product can be applied on screws, studs and no standardized parts as well as on thread plugs and pipe threads. After curing the connection exhibits a high break-away torque, without compromising the disassembly by a high prevail off torque. The required strength acc. DIN 267 part 27 is achieved within 6 hours at room temperature. No uncontrolled post curing occurs even after repeated temperature exposure. For threads ≤ M6 or 1mm pitch we recommend precote 85-8.


  • Forms a dry and tack-free film.
  • Unlosable part of the thread.
  • Physiologically harmless as coating and as assembly.
  • Threaded parts can be preapplied long time before assembly(oT coating machine).
  • Seals against pressure up to 400 bar (5760 psi).
  • Retains torque performance even at +170°C.
  • Prevents corrosion in the threaded connection.
  • Fast curing - no post curing even after repeated temperatureexposure.
  • Low thread friction.
  • Good chemical resistance (meets the relevant automotive specifications).
  • Complies with DIN 267, part 27.


Colour: turquoise
Thread friction value* μthread 0.10 - 0.15
Curing time*
(to achieve the values acc. DIN 267 part 27)
( RT ) 6 h
Prevailing-in torque PIT on assembly* 0.5 - 0.9 Nm
Strength without preload BAT*
oT-standard 2.7.1** resp. DIN 267, part 27
min. 20 Nm
Strength ratio BLT/MAa*
oT-standard 2.7.3** resp. DIN 267, part 27
 > 1.2 
Prevailing-out torque POT < DIN 267part 27
Temperature range -50°C to +170°C
Remaining strength after heat aging
(2,000 h at +200°C)
100 %
Shelf-life 4 years at room temperature

27/65 DIN 50 014

*All values apply to screws M10 ISO 4017-8.8 plain finish and nuts M10 ISO 4032-10 plain finish comply with DIN 267, part 27.
**oT-standards available on request.