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Alston Vibra-Stop

Vibrastop is made from a special formulation of methacrylic resins and copolymers which when applied to fasteners, retains viscous properties allowing it to “flow” thus taking up any manufacturing tolerances within the assembled joint. This prevents loosening and leaking of fasteners and it’s unique resiliency allows for adjustment, removal and re-installation of parts up to five times. Vibrastop is ideally suited to small, fine threaded parts in particular, those used in automated assembly systems. It can also be used on larger fasteners where minimal additional assembly torque is required or where substrates are not suitable for traditional “adhesive” locking patches.


  • Minimises galling and stripping of fine threads
  • Adheres to both ferrous and non-ferrous fasteners, platings and substrates.
  • Reliably seals and locks parts in place during extreme vibration.
  • Easily adjustable and reusable without reapplication.
  • FC free and non-ozone depleting.
  • Does not degrade plastics or seize parts in place.
  • Applied without heat so is sympathetic to metals and surface finishes
  • Different colours available for easy inspection/identification.
  • No mess or waste as with bottled products.
  • Inexpensive compared to other locking, sealing compounds.


Blended resins and co-polymers.
Colour: Red, Blue, Green or White.
Operating Temperature: -55º C to 100º C
5 times.
Shelf Life:
Indefinite when stored out of direct sunlight.
Chemical Resistance: Most common fluids though solvents, petrol & diesel to be avoided.
Installation is minimal, constant resistance to rotation, Breakaway is minimal, slow, gradual release.

Vibrastop meets or exceeds the following specifications:-
BS 7715:1994 NAS 1283 IFI 124
Ford WA 970 IFI 524
GM 6189 DIN 267 part 28 Saab STD 1258 Mil-F-18240 Caterpillar E 25