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Alston Anu-Lok 180

Anu-Lok 120° standard Nylon 11 and Anu-Lok 200° HT Nylon 11 is fused to fastener threads and works by taking up the tolerance between the fastener and the mating part.

On installation, the nylon is compressed which forces maximum friction of the metal to metal components and forms a wedge so that there can be no movement of the fastener after installation due to shock or vibration.


  • A resilient coating which will withstand harsh environments
  • Adheres to both ferrous and non-ferrous fasteners, platings and substrates
  • Reliably locks parts in place during extreme vibration
  • Adjustable and reusable
  • CFC free and non-ozone depleting
  • Can be applied to headed & non-headed fasteners
  • Can be modified to meet specifications and any positions
  • HT for high temperatures > Stores indefinitely 


Anu-Lok is ideally suited to all fasteners over 2mm in diameter where a permanent lock or seal is not required. The patch is inert and robust and can be used in harsh environments, as it naturally attempts to retain it's original volume, Anu-Lok is perfect for use on adjuster screws or where removal and re-installation of the fastener is required.

Anu-Lok HT is an extension to the standard nylon range specifically designed to operate in conditions which may reach up to 200°C. Applications exist in electrical components, engine mounting brackets, exhausts, domestic ovens etc.


  • Low in place cost compared to mechanical locking devices
  • Different colours available for easy inspection/identification.
  • No mess or waste as with bottled products
  • Pre-application of product ensures the locking element is always present


Nylon 11

Yellow as standard though wide range of colours available.
High Temperature patch available in white only

Operating Temperature: Standard Operating Temperature -50°C to 120°C
High Temperature -50°C to 200°C
5 Times
Shelf Life:
Chemical Resistance: Solvents / Fuels / Water / Hydraulic fluids / Salt Water / Lubricants / Bleach / Detergents
Can be modified to suit requirements

Anu-Lok 180° meets or exceeds the following specifications:-
BS 7715:1994 NAS 1283 IFI 124
Ford WA 970 IFI 524
GM 6189 DIN 267 part 28 Saab STD 1258 Mil-F-18240 Caterpillar E 25