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precote 80

High-Strength and Heat-Resistant Thread Precoating


precote 80 is a varnish-like precoating system on base of micro encapsulated acrylates for sealing and locking of threaded parts. The dried film is tack-free, solvent free and physiologically harmless. Its characteristics as a locking and sealing element become effective only when the capsules are ruptured by shear and/or pressure stress and the adhesive is allowed to cure.

On high-tensile threaded combinations which predominantly require a locking effect even at high temperatures. The product can be applied on screws, studs and no standardized parts as well as on thread plugs and pipe threads. Due to the high strength only a more difficult disassembly of the polymerised connection is possible. The required strength acc. DIN 267 part 27 is achieved within 6 hours at room temperature. No uncontrolled post-curing occurs even after repeated temperature exposure. For threads ≤ M6 or 1mm pitch we recommend precote 80-8.


  • Forms a dry and tack-free film.
  • Unlosable part of the thread.
  • Physiologically harmless as coating and as assembly.
  • Threaded parts can be preapplied long time before assembly(oT coating machine).
  • Seals against pressure up to 400 bar (5760 psi).
  • Retains torque performance even at +170°C.
  • Prevents corrosion in the threaded connection.
  • Fast curing - no postcuring even after repeated temperature exposure.
  • Thread friction must be considered on assembly.
  • Good chemical resistance (meets the relevant automotive specifications).
  • Complies with DIN 267, part 27.


Colour: red
Thread friction value* μthread 0.25 - 0.28

curing time*
(to achieve the values acc. DIN 267 part 27)

( RT ) 6 h
prevailing-in torque PIT on assembly* 1 – 1,8 Nm

strength without preload BAT*
oT-standard 2.7.1** resp. DIN 267, part 27

min. 20 Nm
strength ratio BLT/MAa*
oT-standard 2.7.3** resp. DIN 267, part 27
> 1.2
prevailing-out torque POT < DIN 267part 27
temperature range -50°C to +170°C
remaining strength after heat aging
(2,000 h at +200°C)
100 %
shelf-life 4 years at room temperature

27/65 DIN 50 014

*All values apply to screws M10 ISO 4017-8.8 plain finish and nuts M10 ISO 4032-10 plain finish comply with DIN 267, part 27.
**oT-standards available on request.