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Alston Anu-Seal

Anu-seal is a unique resin matrix sealing product for underhead encapsulation and works by compression seating.  The material absorbs shock, movement and temperature differentials of thermal expansion between parts.

The resilience of it’s elastomeric nature means that it resists loosening or loss of seating/sealing ability in stressed situations thereby presenting an effective barrier to liquids, gasses or solids.

Anu-seal is ideally suited to the underhead of all break stem type fasteners, rivets, inserts and plugs.


  • Seals
  • Controls noise
  • Cushions
  • Fills gaps
  • Insulates
  • Adheres to ferrous and non-ferrous fasteners, platings and substrates
  • Prevents loosening
  • Reduces vibration
  • Eliminates need for additional components such as washers or “o” rings.
  • Saves time on assembling additional components.
  • Pre-application of product ensures that sealing component is always present.
  • Prevents corrosion between clamped metals.
  • No mess or waste as with bottled products.


Synthetic multifunctional polymer.
Operating Temperature:   
-45ºC to +200ºC.
Shelf Life:
4 years in dry clean conditions.
Chemical Resistance: Will withstand long term exposure to oil or water based chemicals and intermittent exposure to all solvents. All weather product.
Hardness: 40-50 shore.
Sealing pressure: > 150 bar.

Anuseal meets or exceeds the following specifications:-
BS 7715:1994 NAS 1283 IFI 124
Ford WA 970 IFI 524
GM 6189 DIN 267 part 28 Saab STD 1258 Mil-F-18240 Caterpillar E 25